Locals celebrate literature through Scrabble – The Daily Iowan

[Source: “Locals celebrate literature through Scrabble,” The Daily Iowan, 18 July 2013]

Teens, adults, the elderly, and small children gathered around tables with Scrabble boards set up in the center at the bustling Bread Garden Market & Bakery on Sunday. Some laughed and talked between plays, while the more competitive Scrabble Club players were silent — thoughtfully contemplating which letter they would set down next.

“In general, Scrabble players are readers, and I think everybody is really, really excited to be participating in this,” said Gary Sanders, the creator of Scrabble Club. “I think that the Scrabble Club is indicative that we are a literate city, that people here read, and that people here enjoy words and are knowledgeable. I think that’s what the Scrabble Club shows.”

Scrabble Club met as a part of its monthly gatherings at the Bread Garden for the Day in the City of Literature, celebrating Iowa City’s role as one of the four UNESCO Cities of Literature during the Iowa City Book Festival.

“As a teacher and as a reader, I was thrilled to have Scrabble Club as an event for the Day in the City of Literature,” Sanders said. “I mean, I was hoping to have somebody like [Fyodor] Dostoyevsky guest appearance, but I couldn’t get him. I also tried [Honoré] Balzac and [Jack] Kerouac, but they weren’t available either. Go figure.” [More…]

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